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Happy ‘R’ Wee Preschool

Serving our community since 1992

We offer a full-day Kindergarten with a December 1st cutoff. We also have educational field trips, a large awesome playground, and a vibrant music program. Our well educated and dedicated staff believe in diversity and are committed to a safe and fun learning experience for your child.

We accept subsidies. Please go to The Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL) for information.

Hours: 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Updated Enhanced Health and Safety Procedures for Covid-19

  • CDC guidelines will be followed for cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting.
  • Face coverings for all adults and children when required
  • All staff certified in CPR and pediatric first aid
  • Screening process for temperature checks and signs of illness
  • Signage in the school to reinforce safety protocol
  • Limited access to visitors to our school
  • Restricted use of classroom and playground space
  • Maintaining group size to benefit social distancing
  • Increase circulation via air conditioning, open windows/doors, and increase outside recess time
  • Enhanced attention to promoting good hygiene through hand washing and other ways to prevent germs
  • Continue communication with local officials, parents, and staff

Above all else, we thank you for the love you give the children.

Alexis and Andy

Whenever we get the opportunity we always recommend Happy ‘R’ Wee.

The Cosgroves

I don’t believe there was a day that Laurel did not want to go to school!



We have extended hours to accommodate working parents. Our facility opens at 7:00 a.m. and closes at 6:00 p.m. We ask that all children arrive no later than 9:00 a.m. so that they can participate in the preschool program that we offer. Pick up is recommended between the hours of 3:00 and 6:00 p.m.

Days Closed

  • New Year’s Day
  • Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Monday
  • ​Memorial Day
  • One week around the 4th of July
  • Last week of August; Teacher set up week for the upcoming school year
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day and the day after
  • Christmas week

About Us


Happy ‘R’ Wee had its beginning in August 1992 and we have been going strong ever since. We have a dual license- one from the Pa. Dept. of Education and the other from the Dept. of Human Services and Education. Over 30 years of research validates the importance of early childhood education for future success in school and life, and our programs will provide for your child the motivation to become a life-long learner. Our staff members are certified teachers, as well as loving childcare providers who take the time to listen and work with your child on a personal basis. We aim to meet your needs as working parents and to provide for your child a most memorable preschool experience. Please come to visit us. We would love to show you around so you can see for yourself why we are called “Happy ‘R’ Wee!”



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Our Wonderful Staff


We are like a family at Happy R Wee! Most of our staff have been working here for six years or more! We are proud that we have low staff turnover which is crucial to your child’s comfort and resulting growth here at our school.


This consistency in staff is so important for children as they can form long term relationships that foster trust and encourage healthy development.


All of our staff have passed FBI, child abuse, and criminal history background checks. 


​We have a group supervisor in each classroom and all of our head teachers have a degree in early childhood education. All staff team members must perform at least 6 hours of professional development training in the early childhood education field every year. Every two years all staff members must become certified in Pediatric first aid training and CPR and we hold fire safety training every year as required by the state.




Current Fee Structure


  • Toddler Room 14–18 months: $255.00 per week
  • Toddler Room 19–24 months: $245.00 per week
  • Toddler Room 25 months and up: $235.00 per week
  • Preschool and Kindergarten: $225.00 per week
  • Sick day and vacation Perks


There is a $15.00 per week sibling discount when two or more children are enrolled full time in our program.


Our Philosophy; The Building Blocks of our Program

As Early Childhood Education advocates, our mission is to promote and support the welfare of children and their families in our society. The purpose of our program is to provide a helping hand that nurtures the children in their environment as they grow physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually. Each child’s individual needs are recognized and we place value in their unique gifts. This meaningful learning environment provides the opportunity for our teachers to light the spark that ignites the curiosity for educating the “whole child.”

We believe that children are unique, exciting people who can each contribute worth to our society. In order for children to feel their own self-worth, they must feel positive about their actions and be confident in their everyday surroundings. It is our goal to bring about a sense of well-being for each child so he or she can perform and feel competent in their world. Our teachers help the children feel successful by supporting and understanding their individual differences. We will do this by providing a warm and well-ordered environment in which children can grow at their own pace.

We believe that children learn best through play- a medium that is most natural to them. Through play, children learn how to socialize and handle life situations. Children engage in the learning process through teacher-directed activities and hands-on manipulatives. Motivation is the key that opens up these doors of learning and we do this by capturing the imagination and attention of the children. Our teachers prepare the classroom so that children can learn through active exploration and exposure. It is our intent to build curiosity and motivation for learning through a stimulating harmonious environment, challenging age-appropriate activities, and reinforcement through praise and recognition. It is our belief that parents can meet the commitments of their busy day’s anxiety-free because we are providing such a wonderful foundation of learning for their child.


“Tell me and I’ll forget;
Show me and I may remember;
Involve me and I’ll understand.”

—Chinese Proverb

Key Aspects

QUALITY Our Center is very small (not corporate) and family-friendly! The program is well run by qualified, caring staff, where smiles, hugs, and genuine concern are commonplace within our rooms.

ACCESSIBILITY For parents that work downtown our preschool is conveniently located near the train stains in Rydal, Jenkintown, Huntingdon Valley, and Willow Grove. We are minutes away from Abington and Holy Redeemer hospitals.

AFFORDABILITY Our fees are reasonable when compared to other local programs and we offer so much for your child. Ask us about our sick day and vacation day perks.

ATTENTION We are a state-licensed facility and we are proud that we meet all their requirements. Our rules and regulations are more stringent than the public schools.

SAFETY  Staff meets licensing standards for current First Aid. They are medically cleared every two years and they have all the required clearances by the government. Our front doors are locked for most of the day.

UPGRADES  Our staff is required to take professional development courses every year to update their knowledge in the area of child development.

DEVELOPMENTALLY APPROPRIATE Activities, facilities, equipment, and approaches are suited to meet the range of needs of our children as they grow and blossom in our programs.

CREATIVE PLAY AND ACTIVITIES  Our children learn through play experiences. The creative arts (music, art, and gym,) are an integral part of our program and we feel they help to make the child whole.

NON-BIASED APPROACHES  Caregivers provide equal opportunities for boys and girls to participate in structured and non-structured activities. We enroll and hire with no regard to race, religion, sex, age, disability, or national origin. A climate of inclusion and acceptance is promoted throughout our classrooms.

EXERCISE Through the use of our playground, and our large indoor playroom, we offer children many opportunities for running, climbing, jumping, as well as organized games.

COOPERATION  HAPPY ‘R’ WEE is a home-away-from-home, where children can learn to work together and families and staff members form partnerships to benefit the welfare of the child.

CONSISTENCY AND RELIABILITY Children are cared for by staff with whom they can develop secure relationships. The majority of our staff have been with us for six-plus years! Our staff is dedicated to the well-being of every child.

FIELD TRIPS We have our own school bus (with seatbelts). Children in the Kindergarten and four-year-old program have the opportunity to join us as we take field trips to local attractions which broadens their life experiences.

We absolutely love this school. Our son started there at 22 months and stayed there for four years so he’s been in every classroom. All the teachers are wonderful, caring, friendly, and engaging. They greet us with smiles and wish us a nice day. lt’s a pleasure to interact with them. The curriculum is well designed to allow for age-appropriate play, learning, and socialization. The classes are small to allow for individual attention from teachers. The outdoor play space is beautiful and allows for lots of room to run around and play.

Miss Donna, the director, is an excellent educator and administrator. My son was very lucky to have her for the kindergarten program. She is so creative in the projects she does with the children. They did so many special things including hands-on projects and field trips. The program prepared my son very well for first grade. Miss Donna is also very caring and attentive to individual children’s needs. During the pandemic, she delivered my son’s work to our door every week. She also made a beautiful picture book of memories from the year for us to keep and reflect on for years to come.

We look forward to sending our twins there when they are big enough. it’s a very special place. We miss it and highly recommend it!

Meghan & Stephen


All of our classrooms build their curriculum framework on the Pa Dept. of Education Learning Standards. Our curriculum is based on the following learning domains:

Personal and social: helping children to get along with others by using positive guidance techniques, learning routines and rules for social growth, etc.

Language and literacy: listening skills and vocabulary development, alphabetic knowledge, reading books, fingerplays, writing, etc

Mathematical thinking: sorting, counting, patterning, number recognition, shapes, time, money, puzzles, etc.

Scientific exploration: nature, seasons, animals and habitats, observing, exploring, etc.

Creative Arts:  appreciation for music, art, drama, dance, etc.

Social Studies: holidays, cultural diversity, understanding themselves, family, society, etc.

Physical Health and Development: self-help skills, small and gross motor coordination, dexterity, safe and healthy practices, etc.

The Peanut Class
Preschool program for our 3-year-olds

Maximum group size: 10 children
Staff child ratio: 1 to 10

This program is licensed by the Pa. Dept.of of Education. Our headteacher has a degree in Early Childhood Education and she is assisted by a team member that helps her with our daily activities.

Our curriculum builds on previous knowledge and experiences as we actively construct a program that involves active learning and hands-on activities. The teacher uses circle time to weave academia into her lessons as she incorporates all key areas of learning and thus builds cognitive, physical, emotional, and social skills. The children learn to count, recognize their name in print, name basic colors and shapes, and enjoy simple puzzles and games. Themed lessons are followed by creative art experiences as the children strengthen their motor skills and expand their use of crayons, scissors, and paint. Important concepts that are highlighted in this program are self -help skills, sharing and respecting others, learning to express thoughts, needs, and wishes, and following simple directions. The children are actively involved as they enjoy meaningful play experiences that are incorporated throughout the day. Daily notes help to keep the parents informed of the activities that the children were involved in throughout the day.

The Honeybear Class
Preschool Program for children who are 4 years old

Staff Child Ratio: 1:10
Maximum group size: 14

This program is also licensed by the Pa. Dept of Education. Our certified teachers design the curriculum with an emphasis on preparing the children for their upcoming kindergarten year. Thematic lessons connect the child to their world and weekly library visits and monthly field trips enrich the curriculum. Early literacy skills are introduced with the study of the alphabet and comprehension and vocabulary skills are enhanced as the teacher enriches their days with notable literature. The children have access to manipulatives throughout their daily routines and this helps promote strategies for exploration, experimentation, and problem-solving as they count, sort, combine, and describe these hands-on materials. A highlight of the day is outside playtime where the children have access to swings, sliding boards, climbing equipment, a sandbox, and a beautiful large grass area for running, chasing, and playing as kids like to do!

The Hotdogs
The Kindergarten Class

Staff-Child Ratio: 1:10
Maximum class size: 8

Licensed by the Pa. Dept of Education

Children must turn 5 years old before December 1st.

Our successful Kindergarten program utilizes a learning environment that is stimulating, warm, and welcoming. Each child’s individuality is respected and the understanding of each child’s unique learning style becomes the basis for our curriculum. Our day is filled with active and quiet times as we teach thematically. Through thematic units of study we aim to meet the following goals for each child:

  • to develop a positive self-image
  • to exhibit cooperative social behavior
  • to develop in each child an enthusiasm for learning
  • to enhance gross and small motor skills
  • to increase vocabulary through listening and speaking
  • to develop beginning reading skills
  • to develop beginning writing skills
  • to understand numbers and mathematical concepts and their relationships to our world
  • to learn good health habits
  • to understand safe practices.
  • to appreciate other cultures and further understand themselves as members of the community
  • to display curiosity about our world through science and exploration
  • to appreciate the creative arts- music, art, drama, and dance

The Kindergarten and four year old classes uses the “Happy “R” Wee Mobile Bus” and ventures to the Abington Library every week. The children enjoy field trips such as theatre visits, a dairy farm, a Native American village, pumpkin patch and hayride, an apple orchard, and nature walks just to name a few. We also bring in outside community interest groups that share their expertise as they entertain the children with fun, rewarding experiences.

Years ago, We searched for a program for our four-year-old that would prepare her for kindergarten and be able to accommodate her little brother too. We Wanted a school that they would both love going every day. When We toured the school, We loved their low teacher-student ratios, their high-quality hands-on learning, and their amazing playground. We didn’t have a lot of money in those days, and the sticker shock Was a positive experience! l couldn’t believe how much the preschool offered for such a reasonable rate. We always knew We would send our youngest to happy ‘R’ Wee, and she loved it just as much.

Kids enjoy plenty of time outside on the large playground. Many staff members, especially in pre-k and kindergarten rooms, are certified teachers. The staff keeps the facility very clean and organized, which is more important now than ever.

Our kids still have such wonderful memories of taking field trips to the library, local farms, and parks. Happy ‘R’ Wee Was a little family, and my children still have friends from their pre-school classes. We know that happy ‘R’ Wee encouraged our children to be independent! I hope that our experience at Happy R Wee will help other parents determine the best placement for their children: Happy ‘R’ Wee!


Needs and wants, those are two of the biggest concerns a parent will have regarding a child care facility. As parents, we need a place to send our children during the workday where they will be safe and cared for — we also want our children to be socialized and educated. Happy R Wee fits that description and has also provided so much more. When our son leaves for “school” every morning we have no doubt that he will be nurtured, he will be educated, he will be taught right from wrong, and he will ultimately beloved. We will forever be grateful that such an amazing place exists in our community, and we will forever be indebted to the staff that loves our son like their own.

Terry and Keri

We have been thrilled with our daughter’s experience at Happy ‘R’ Wee. Their Preschool program is led by a loving, supportive, and experienced staff. Every day has a balance of hands-on activities, group play, and independent choice, which has both nurtured my daughter’s interests and encouraged her to try new things. I feel confident that she will be prepared for Kindergarten, and we will miss the small family atmosphere of the hidden gem that is Happy ‘R’ Wee!

Emily W.

Contact Us

We are located in the Abington Baptist Church, in Abington Pennsylvania. Our address:

1501 Huntingdon Road
Abington, PA 19001

Phone: 215-885-4405


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