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We wanted to express our gratitude to you for taking such great care of TJ during this past year.  Finding Happy R Wee was a blessing for us.  We are amazed and thrilled at TJ's progress this past year, particularly his learning capability and the progress in his maturity and independence.  We know TJ's progress is due in large part to your teaching, your kindness and your patience. and the warm and inviting atmosphere at Happy R Wee.  

We know you can appreciate how difficult it is to leave your child in the care of others.  It takes tremendous trust, faith and respect.  Without question, from the moment we met you, we had all three and that provided a great deal of comfort to us.

We read TJ's binders, particularly his photo album and each illustrated how much time, care, and attention was devoted to the kids and to learning and fun. You have made learning fun for TJ- with a great mix of classroom instruction and field trip adventures.  The binders help us re-live a little part of that experience with TJ.  Most importantly, you have made TJ excited to keep learning and we will make sure to continue your tremendous work.

TJ loves Happy R Wee and he very much will miss the school as well as both of you (as will his parents).

We hope to cross paths again.  In the meantime, we wish you success, and we know that other children will benefit greatly from attending Happy R Wee in the same way that TJ  benefited.

Kathleen and Bob


 Miss Donna and the Teachers at Happy R Wee,

 The past five years have been such a joy for Peter and our     
 family.  Peter has become a young boy who is respectful, 
 friendly, and bright.  I have all of you, Peter's teachers
 to thank for this terrific kid Peter has become.  You all will
 have a special place in our hearts.  Thank you for everything
 you all have done over the past five years.

 Renee and Pete

  We want to thank you for a 
 wonderful year.  It has been 
 an awesome experience
 watching the boys grow and
 gain confidence in 
 themselves.  They love their
 teachers and are so excited
 to come to school.  Thank you
 for helping build their 
foundation for future years.
See you in two years with 
 Brenda and Billy


 Dear Donna,

     I wanted to write a letter to you to express my entire family's appreciation to you 
 and your staff.

     I know why Happy 'R' Wee has been in business for so long and why Happy 'R' Wee 
 will continue to thrive.  You have an incredible staff.  I cannot say enough positive
 things about everyone that you have working for you.

     After having both our girls at Happy 'R' Wee over the past four (4) years, we can
 honestly say that it was worth every penny spent.  We never worried about our girls and
 knew that they were loved and well taken care of.

     Karly and Emma will miss everyone and so will I.  Please express our gratitude to 
 everyone, especially to you, Pat, Wendy, and Allison.  We are not excluding anyone from 
 our appreciation because everyone has been wonderful.

    I hope that we will see everyone again.  Please keep us in mind for your school 
 fundraisers.  Even though our girls are no longer there, we would still like to support
 your school when we can.

     Whenever, I get the opportunity I always recommend Happy 'R' Wee and will continue 
 to do so.

     Thank you so much for everything and God bless all of you.

                                                  The Cosgrove's
 Dear Donna,

     It is with much sadness that Laurel (and I) leave Happy 'R' Wee.  I often wish
 that I could encase Laurel, her classmates, and Happy 'R' Wee in a bubble so they 
 could travel the rest of their childhood in such a warm and loving environment. But
 alas, the big world beckons.
     I write this note to thank you for providing such an excellent preschool/day
 care experience for Laurel.  Laurel has always loved each one of her teachers
 and aides.  I don't believe there was a day that Laurel did not want to go to 
     How proud you should be for having such a loving, positive, impact on such
 young lives!  Thank you.

  Good Luck to you and Happy 'R' Wee,

  Dear Donna and Kathy,

   We want to thank you for all of the time, energy and, most importantly, love you put 
 into Happy R Wee and the kindergarten class. Brian has loved every minute of being a
 "Hot Dog".  He talks excitedly about his friends and his teachers.  He looked forward 
 to everyday with both of you.  
   Andy and I have been continually impressed with everything about the kindergarten 
 program- the constant effort to spice things up by tying in related trips and projects.
 I know of nowhere else where kids at such a young age get the chance to experience 
 kindergarten "without walls." Happy 'R' Wee is truly and wonderfully unique.
   Above all else, we thank you for the love you give the children. Your efforts to 
 teach the kids how important it is to respect and care for each other is a lesson they
 will take with them forever and one that sets Happy 'R' Wee apart. Every single day 
 when I dropped Brian at school, I left with such a good feeling.  Watching your class
 it is so clear how much the Hot Dogs like being together and how supportive they are
 of each other.  All of that is a tribute to you both.
   Andy and I are simply amazed at how much Brian has grown this year.  He has become
 more outgoing, confident and assertive.  We love that he has discovered his goofy side 
 with his friends.
  We can't thank you enough for creating the environment in which he could grow and 
 encouraging him to be proud of who he is.
  Thank you
  Alexis and Andy