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  Our Toddlers:
  14 months- 35 months- `Maximum class size 10 -  Ratio - One adult for every 5 children

  Welcome to the precious time of the curious toddlers. This is a time for rapid development 
  as the children are growing in their language acquisition as well as their large and small motor skills. 
  Our teachers are skillful as they encourage the children toward developing some independence as they
  learn self-help skills such as eating, washing hands, toilet learning and dressing. Our classroom is
  well- equipped with age appropriate toys and materials that support the children in group play as well as solo play.
  Every day, the children are involved in circle time. It is a great time for building vocabulary as the children sing songs,
  read books, enjoy fingerplays, dance, and of course share thoughts and feelings.
  One of our favorite activities is to arouse our toddler's interests in the creative arts as they paint, mold, color, and glue         projects that coordinate with the theme of the week.  What priceless masterpieces they create!  The children in our 
  toddler room experience the great outdoors as much as the weather allows. There are many climbing and riding toys
  as children explore their environment and learn cooperative play as they interact and share with their peers.
  Our teachers provide for the parents a daily report of each child's day so that they can have peace of mind
  knowing that their child's needs are being met by nurturing caregivers.
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All of our classrooms build their curriculum framework on the Pa Dept. of Education Learning Standards.

         Our curriculum is based on the following learning domains:

  • Personal and social - helping children to get along with others by using positive guidance techniques, - learning routines and rules for social growth, etc.
  • Language and literacy - listening skills and vocabulary development, alphabetic knowledge, reading books, fingerplays, writing, etc
  • Mathematical thinking - sorting, counting, patterning, number recognition, shapes, time, money, puzzles, etc.
  • Scientific exploration - nature, seasons, animals and habitats, observing, exploring, etc.
  • Creative Arts - appreciation for music, art, drama, dance, etc.
  • Social Studies- holidays, cultural diversity, understanding themselves, family, society, etc.
  • Physical Health and Development - self-help skills, small and gross motor coordination, dexterity, safe and healthy practices, etc.

Preschool program for our 3 year old's -  (The Peanut Class)  
Maximum group size is 13 children- Staff child ratio - 1 to 10

This program is licensed by the Pa. Dept.of Education.  Our head teacher has a degree in Early Childhood Education and she is assisted by a team member that helps her with our daily activities.

Our curriculum builds on previous knowledge and experiences as we actively construct a program that involves active learning and hands-on activities.  The teacher uses circle time to weave academia into her lessons as she incorporates all key areas of learning and thus builds cognitive, physical, emotional, and social skills.  The children learn to count, recognize their name in print, name basic colors and shapes, and enjoy simple puzzles and games. Themed lessons are followed by creative art experiences as the children strengthen their motor skills and expand their use of crayons, scissors, and paint. Important concepts that are highlighted in this program are self -help skills, sharing and respecting others, learning  to express thoughts, needs and wishes, and following simple directions.  The children are actively involved as they enjoy meaningful play experiences that are incorporated throughout the day.  Daily notes help to keep the parents informed of the activities that the children were involved in throughout the day. 

 Preschool Program for children who are 4 years old - ( The Honeybear Class)
Staff Child Ratio 1:10 - Maximum group size is 14

This program is also licensed by the Pa. Dept of Education.  Our certified teachers design the curriculum with emphasis on preparing the children for their upcoming kindergarten year.  Thematic lessons connect the child to their world and weekly library visits and monthly field trips enrich the curriculum.  Early literacy skills are introduced with the study of the alphabet and comprehension and vocabulary skills are enhanced as the teacher enriches their days with notable literature.  The children have access to manipulatives throughout their daily routines and these help promote strategies for exploration, experimentation and problem solving as they count, sort, combine, and describe these hands on materials. A highlight of the day is outside playtime where the children have access to swings, sliding boards, climbing equipment, sandbox and a beautiful large grass area for running, chasing, and playing as kids like to do!

 The Kindergarten Class - (The Hotdogs)

Staff-Child Ratio - 1 adult for every 10 children
Maximum class size is 10
Licensed by the Pa. Dept of Education

Children must turn 5 years old before December 1st.

Our successful Kindergarten program utilizes a  learning environment that is stimulating, warm and welcoming.  Each child's individuality is respected and the understanding of each child's unique learning style becomes the basis for our curriculum.  Our day is filled with active and quiet times as we teach thematically. Through thematic units of study we aim to meet the following goals for each child:
  • to develop a positive self image
  • to exhibit cooperative social behavior
  • to develop in each child an enthusiasm for learning
  • to enhance gross and small motor skills
  • to increase vocabulary through listening and speaking
  • to develop beginning reading skills
  • to develop beginning writing skills
  • to understand numbers and mathematical concepts and their relationships to our world
  • to learn good health habits
  • to understand safe practices.
  • to appreciate other cultures and further understand themselves as members of the community
  • to display curiosity about our world through science and exploration
  • to appreciate the creative arts- music, art, drama, and dance

 The Kindergarten class uses the "Happy "R" Wee Mobile Bus" and ventures to the Abington Library every week.  The children enjoy field trips such as theatre visits, a dairy farm, a Native American village, pumpkin patch and hayride, an apple orchard, and nature walks just to name a few.  We also bring in outside community interest groups that share their expertise as they entertain the children with fun, rewarding experiences.